Are you looking to break-up with your current flashing cement?

Cements today can be deceiving. Their packaging looks sexy and dressed up. They are always promising longevity and commitment. They tell you that they are going to fulfill your needs. They promise they are low maintenance. And man, does it look appealing at first! But when you take them home with you and start to really get to know them, that’s when you find out the truth. It becomes a train wreck. The cartridge breaks in the caulking gun because it’s made from cheap cardboard and ends up oozing cement all down the gun and down you. How about when you need a quickie, little repair job during the rain and the cement just won’t stick under the water. Or how about the flashing? You are doing some vertical flashing cement work and the cement starts to quit on you? No matter how hard you try it just won’t stop sagging. Let’s face it, some cements just don’t deliver what they promise you.
I think it’s time you break-up with your current cement brand. You deserve better than that. You deserve quality and performance. Take a look at what Asphalt Products has to offer you. We have a versatile and quality cement line that fits anyone’s repair needs. We choose not to cheapen our products and just aim to make a contractor graded product that will live up to your expectations. You don’t want to have to do repair jobs multiple times because the product fails. We don’t want you to either.

Have you heard of our HP-365? It will definitely impress you. It can perform year round, rain or shine. We package it in a plastic 10 oz. tube so it’s more durable than the cardboard ones and will not crack on you. You can even toss it into the back of your pickup truck and not have to worry about the weather deteriorating it. This cement has more strength than typical roof cements and is trowelable. It is versatile. Use the HP 365 to fix sealing gutters, skylights, copings, vents, chimneys, roof fans and to fasten loose shingles. You really can always find a good place to use some HP 365. If you need a bigger quantity but don’t want to carry a 5 gallon pail onto the roof, we also package it in 3 gallon and 1 gallon containers as well as our tubes.

Don’t let your cement fail you again. Give ALCM a try.

If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing us at or calling us directly at (800) 446-2340.

HP 365

HP 365 : “The World’s Best Cement”

The first question many people may ask is “Why would you make another type of roof cement”? Don’t Black Plastic, Wet/Dry and Flashing Cement provide enough choices?

The simple answer is that today’s roofing materials are far different than those used in the past. Modified roofing membranes are more flexible and more prevalent. This has changed and raised the performance requirements for a roof cement. Roof Cements are the “glue” which holds a roofing system together. They are used to seal flashings and laps, patch splits, repair leaks and join many dissimilar materials together such as metal flashing to modified membrane. Our HP 365 SBS Rubberized Flashing Cement is formulated to accomplish all of these tasks and can do so even in adverse weather conditions.

HP 365 is stronger and more durable than conventional roof cements. The use of SBS Polymers in the formulation adds flexibility to meet the demands of modified roofing sheets. Our unique, “buttery” formulation makes troweling easy and will convince professional contractors that they have found “The World’s Best Roof Cement”.

Many competitive products contain up to 50% of low cost fillers such as ground limestone. This reduces the cost slightly but drives up the weight/gallon and makes troweling difficult. The use of low cost fillers means that there is less asphalt and polymer in the product which leads to premature cracking, graying and failure of the product. HP 365 contains no low cost fillers. This means easy troweling and longer life. It also weighs less. A 5 gallon pail of HP 365 may weigh up to 10 lbs less than other roof cements.

In short, HP 365 is the best choice for any of your customers who believe that quality and performance matter. While it is priced slightly more than regular roof cement, it will save you time and labor in the long run. Why do a difficult job twice when it can be done effectively and efficiently once?

This product is available in 5 gallon, 3 gallon, and 1 gallon cans as well as in 10 oz. plastic caulking cartridges. Sample are available upon request.