Acrylic Roof Mastic

A white acrylic roof mastic used to prepare, seal, and repair the roof surface prior to applying ALCM Elastomeric Roof Coating.

ALCM Acrylic Roof Mastic the perfect choice for sealing seams, metal fasteners, and flashings. It can also be used to repair splits, cracks, or other weak areas of the roof. For additional reinforcement, polyester fabric can be embedded into ALCM Acrylic Roof Mastic.   

Compatible with a wide variety of substrates including metal, asphalt, modified bitumen, and most single-ply membranes.


  • Extremely Flexible
    • Withstands wide temperature swings and significant building movement without cracking
  • UV Stable
    • Can be used for topical repairs
  • High Reflectivity
    • Keeps buildings cooler, helping save on energy costs
  • Water Clean Up
    • Material

Restrictions: Do not apply directly over rust. All rusted areas must first be treated with an alkyd metal primer.


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